Pond-Bio Press Filter: CPF-180, CPF-250

Effective pressure filter with integrated UVC clarifier.

Rinsing with discharge into channel like waterfall or watercourse, can be operated even if the filter is buried in the ground.

Polluted water is pumped into a sealed, closed system, during which a working pressure of 3m water head can build up.


CPF - 180













 CPF – 180

Max flow-through:   9000L/h

Suitable for ponds with fish:  3m³

Suitable for decorative pond:  6m³

Power of UV-C :  11w

















  CPF – 250

Max flow-through:   10000L/h

Suitable for ponds with fish:  5m³

Suitable for decorative pond:  10m³

Power of UV-C :  11w