Sea Fan

The Acalycigorgia Sea Fans, also referred to as the Blue Sea Fan, Blue Gorgonia, or Blue Tree Coral, are very bright and colorful. There is even a blue variety which is a very unusual color for any coral. The red or orange base color with intense blue polyps differentiates this variety from other sea fans.

The Acalycigorgia Sea Fan is peaceful, but it should be given adequate space away from neighboring corals or anemones. Underwater epoxy is commonly used to anchor its base to a piece of live rock in the reef aquarium. It is more challenging to maintain this species, as it requires supplemental feeding several times per week. This Sea Fan is not photosynthetic and requires a low level of lighting to ward off a build-up of microalgae. It also requires a stronger water flow and the addition of iodine, calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water.

Because it is not photsynthetic, its survival is dependent on regular and frequent feedings of micro-plankton, live, baby brine shrimp, or foods designed for filter feeding invertebrates

Paramuricea clavata 1 变形角珊瑚

Paramuricea clavata 5 变形角珊瑚

Paramuricea clavata 3 变形角珊瑚

Ellisella robusta Ellisella sp 1 红鞭珊瑚

Ellisella Rousta

Paramuricea clavata 4 变形角珊瑚

Red Veil Sea Fan 红骨海扇

Red Veil Sea Fan

Melithaea ochracea 红扇珊瑚

Melithaea Ochracea