Sea water aquarium

Vinoos Trading Est, UAQ, UAE –  manufacturer and decorator of the sea water aquariums.

Our company executes all complex of works on manufacturing and decoration of marine aquariums. Our specialization – exclusive marine aquariums of any complexity, but we also can offer: non-standard aquariums, fresh-water exotic aquariums.

All that is necessary to order an aquarium – to contact us. Our expert will approach on you, will tell about possible decisions and will help to pick up a suitable variant. We completely will equip an aquarium with all necessary equipment, we will develop aquarium registration, we will pick up inhabitants of your future aquarium and we will make installation at-sight. Further we are ready to conduct regular service of an aquarium.

On a site guiding prices for service of marine aquariums are resulted. It is necessary to notice that there are aquarian systems of various complexity and the price can essentially differ. Cost influences both a design of the aquarium, and structure of its inhabitants. We recommend to address to us behind consultation and we can сориентировать you on interesting questions.

Underwater depth always suited people, about marine chasms and kingdoms there were legends. It is considered that if to peer at depth it is possible to learn a lot of new about itself. Water comforts and weakens. But in a modern rhythm of a life not always there is a possibility to go on the sea after hard work or to keep without supervision of the child. The aquarium gives similar effect – comforts, weakens and besides does an interior more cosy and “recovers” the house. And still aquarian inhabitants are the best pet in those situations when difficultly to get, for example, a dog or a cat. At office the exclusive aquarium looks prestigiously and effectively, for example, in a reception.

Marine aquarium – the best decision for a house or office ornament.

Experts of our company will free of charge render consultation on any question interesting you connected with a marine aquarium, on bodies.