Orange-spine Unicornfish

Orange-spine Unicornfish

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    well you go about it in the same way.. ammonia then niitrte then nitrate.. but technically speaking there are completely different bacteria involved.. but yes you just add an ammonia source (live fish, peice of shrimp, fish food, ammonia, etc) and a bacteria source (live rock, live sand, old filter media, etc) and it’ll go about it’s business just like a FW tank would to me a 10 gallon for 1 clownfish is fine.. dependgin who you talk to 20 gallon or even 30 gallons is the minimum, but 30 gallons for a single clown seems pretty damn rediculous.. 20 gallon for a pair is fine IMHO you could maybe add something like a yellow watchman goby for a clowngoby.. some small rather sedintary fish.. as long as your filtration is up to snuff.. honestly i’d rather do 2-3 tiny fish than a clown and MAYBE 1other fish clowns aren’t really anything special.. Finding Nemo just made them popular . that’s all there are alot better, nicer, and more colorful fish out there a cleaner shrimp would be ok and i would add a few snails and a hermit crab or two for a clean up crew.. maybe one larger crab or something interesting.. but stay away from stars and sea urchins.. they are usualy too big and need more stable conditions than a 10 gallon can really afford them one thing you could do would be get mollies as a first fish.. they are cheaper hardier and usually alot nicer than damsels dont cycle the tank with fish.. there’s absolutely no reason to as long as you have some live rock..practical fishkeeping magazine

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